Healthy Eating Away from Home

The remoteness of the job on our house and working hours (usually part time) means that more people have to eat out.

The short time often causes some menu or eat fast food, regardless of what this affects our diet and our bodies.

The first thing we recommend is to avoid at all costs, fast food, ie sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, and foods that are high in fat and carbohydrates that harm our bodies. They are exactly the opposite of a healthy balanced diet.

We must avoid excessive fat and sugary drinks as if we have to eat out, this may be the key to winning is not synonymous kilos.

If we have to eat at fast food establishments, we reduce the chances as possible and also consider other options that are available as light menus and salads.

Whenever possible, we must choose homemade food establishments and varied. We must also consider what kind of food we take from the menu. That is, the first and second course, balancing so that if one is a main course, take the other as something lighter like vegetables or grilled anything.

Other general tips for healthy eating are:

- Avoid eating too much bread. Cereal is a good source of fiber and carbohydrates, but should not abuse it.

- Limit consumption of desserts. They are usually an extra fat in our diet, especially if it's candy. A coffee, a tea or a piece of seasonal fruit will be the best option to end a meal well.

- Eat slowly and spend at least 40 minutes. Eating fast without chewing can produce just indigestion.

- Try to always eat at the same time is a good habit and get used to the body.

- Relax at meals and try to forget the tensions in the workplace are good ways to enjoy food more.

How to Apply Foundation

Depending on the outcome you want to get, there are different ways of applying foundation. For a completely natural result, use your fingers.

If you want a medium coverage, it is best to help the sponge to apply more product in some areas based on tapping. If what you want is full coverage, get hold of a paintbrush.

Mask dry lashes.

When you see the mascara is drying, add a few drops of olive oil and be ready for use again.

Hair Cleaner

The use of products such as foam and varnish in your hair makes waste accumulate. To delete, add some baking soda to your usual shampoo.

Benefits of Acai Berry

by Connie S. Hinshaw

Acai berries are unique and different from other fruits in that they are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals. This is helpful to maintain heath and also offers benefits in losing weight. The acai berries have a number of other benefits which have been shown. The acai berry can be found in several forms – fresh, frozen, powdered, etc. No matter which way it is processed, however, it retains its great and powerful abilities. The freeze dried form is perhaps the strongest, yet all forms work wonders.

Among the many widely discussed benefits of acai berry, perhaps the most widely-recognized is as a natural treatment for cholesterol. The number of people looking for alternatives to prescription drugs to treat high cholesterol has grown in recent years, and many of them have settled on acai berry. The number of people who see their bad cholesterol levels going down from consuming acai berries grows every year as well.

The acai berry is highly useful as a potential digestive aid, clearing toxins from the body and reducing inflammation throughout the body. Acai berry purifies your body, especially of xenobiotics. Xenobiotics are negative, foreign substances that can have a deteriorating effect on the body. By freeing your body from them, you’ll see improved mental function also. Another suggested use relates to poor eyesight, since its naturally high vitamin and mineral content may cause improvements.

Consuming acai berries daily has been found to relieve the pain that is associated with arthritis. It has also been shown that acai berries may have a positive effect on sleep disorders, allowing for a deeper, more restorative sleep. Acai berries also shows promise in healing injuries faster, although there is not yet conclusive evidence of that.

Acai berry benefits not only adress your body physically, they can also aid your mental and emotional states. The acai berry has been shown to aid in relieving depression, and can help regulate the body’s nervous system and to keep homones in balance .

While the acai berry has many great benefits, its ability to help one lose weight is very popular. The acai berry is a natural colon cleanse, helping to get rid of excess water and toxins and thus allowing you to shed off pounds quickly and easily. One of the benefits of the acai berry is that it helps to suppresses your appetite and increases metabolism which results in increased fat burning in the body. By ramping up the metabolism, any calories you do consume is burned much more quickly and efficiently.

Often called a miracle supplement, acai berry offers more benefits than almost anything else currently availabe. Regular consumption of the acai berry has been known to effectively improve physical health and emotional and mental well-being.

What Are Acai Berries?

The Acai Berry Which Is Commonly Pronounced A-Sigh-Ee, Is A Rather Small, Round, And Black-Looking Purple. It Resembles A Grape Or A Blueberry, But Is Yet Smaller And Darker. This Fruit Has A Large Seed And Minimum Amount Of Pulp. The Acai Fruit Berry Is Now Broadly Used In Energy Juices, Ice Cream, Certain Energy Bars With Granola.

Is Acai Berry Something New?

Acai Has Been Used For Many Generations By The Natives Of Brazil. Acai Boasts 10 Times The Antioxidant Benefits Of Grapes And Twice That Of Blueberries.

Health Benefits & Why Is Acai Berry So Famous?

- Boosts Energy Levels
- Improves Digestive Function
- Improves Mental Clarity/Focus
- Promotes Sound Sleep
- Provides All Vital Vitamins
- Contains Several Important Minerals
- Is An Extremely Powerful Free Radical Fighter
- Acai Has Very High Levels Of Fibers
- Cleanses And Detoxifies The Body Of Infectious Toxins
- Strengthens Your Immune System
- Fights Cancer Cells
- Slows Down The Aging Process
- Promotes Healthier And Younger-Looking Skin
- Alleviates Diabetes
- Normalizes And Regulates Cholesterol Levels
- Helps Maintain Healthy Heart Function
- Minimizes Inflammation
- Improves Circulation
- Prevents Artherosclerosis
- Enhances Visual Acuity

Additional Health Benefits For Using Acai Berries

- Relieves Arthritis Pain
- Helps To Clear Skin Of Warts
- Reduces The Occurrence Of Seizures
- Helps To Reduce Physical Injuries & Speed Up Recovery
- Helps Stabilize Normal Blood Sugar Levels
- Helps Improve Patients Suffering From Leukemia
- Fights General Depression
- Supports Weight Loss
- Improves Upon Your Overall Physical Strength

Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter that May Help Dry Skin - Skin Care Tip

Skin Care Tip

To get the tan lasts longer, mix cocoa butter and coconut oil and apply it like a normal cream. This will make your skin does not dry or cracked.

All About Cellulite

Cellulite is a common cosmetic problem and difficult to combat. This problem primarily affects women due to hormonal changes, poor blood circulation, poor eating habits, constipation and physical inactivity among other causes. Over the coming weeks, Health & Beauty publish articles by all the information to take care and reduce cellulite.

Cellulitis, also called orange skin texture and characteristic appearance on thighs, hips and abdomen, can be treated in many ways although all of them (from liposuction to the diets, massages and cosmetics) requires much patience and record since it is not easy to remove.

Besides the wide range of treatments that can be done to combat cellulite, there are many tips that impact directly on it and the health of our body in general. These tips are very simple and following them daily can significantly help improve the appearance of cellulite.


- Drink plenty of water. It is recommended daily intake of 8 glasses of water may vary with each individual's needs. Drinking water helps flush toxins left over from our body to contribute to the disappearance of the fat nodules.

- Avoid salt. The salt helps retain body fluid and therefore is not advisable in case of getting cellulite. To avoid salt must not only use little salt in foods, but we must take special care with instant or quick meals because they often contain too much salt.

- Eat fiber. Consuming fiber is important because it helps remove excess residue, preventing the body absorbs them. Fiber is a substance found mainly in cereals (whole grain) and green leafy vegetables. Eat homemade juices.

- Avoid consumption of fats. Fat is not only highly fattening but also tends to accumulate toxins which greatly enhances the appearance of cellulite. It is important to avoid fat (especially saturated and margarine or butter) and fried. The use of oil must be rational (one tablespoon) of food out of the cooking time.

- Avoid carbonated beverages. Sodas, colas etc. Not only lack of nutrients but they also contribute to bloat the body and add more toxins accentuating cellulite. Eliminate alcohol.

- Avoid pastries and sweets. The pastas, breads and baked goods all contain high percentages of fat and refined flour, which favors the appearance of cellulite. If eating bread, we must moderate their drinking and who is not white.

- Massage. The massages help to loosen the fat nodules while activating micro-circulation and lymphatic drainage. These massages are much more effective if done every day and even more with professional intervention, but also very effective when it makes them one in combination with creams.

- Avoid drinking coffee, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, tight clothing and shoes with heels. Exercise is essential.


We give some advice to facilitate this practice: do not go to a gym to do it, do not need willpower and time to follow it regularly.

Find an exercise that is compatible with your schedule, physical exercise is consistent with the physical conditions and peculiarities of her body, a type of exercise that is within your reach. An exercise to enjoy.

It is important to choose a type of exercise with which they enjoy because, otherwise, it is very easy to fall into the temptation to drop from many other causes such as lack of desire, tiredness, etc.. The exercise is performed should be like, should be a fun and enjoyable experience for not quitting.

Accompany with the music of your choice; music with rhythm, or simply relaxing sounds of waves or birds. Flavorings are also helpful to create a special atmosphere for that time and his space.

Lack of time and desire should not be an impediment, therefore a simple walk can be a good way to get exercise. Besides its simplicity, making walking more can be done anywhere and anytime and can choose the intensity and prolongation of the activity from the characteristics of each person.

Another way to make everyday activities for exercise, is to avoid using the elevators and stairs, make small trips to make on foot or by bicycle, and anything that might lead to a sedentary daily habits. Exercise should be an attainable goal with a very specific purpose, caring.

Cellulite diet

Cellulite is a problem suffered by many women and has no definitive solution. This diet is based on detoxification of the body to help improve, as far as possible, these fat nodules that form cellulite.

The cellulite diet aims to help improve the appearance and health of skin while improving self-image of the person who undertakes.

Cellulite definitely never disappears, thereby the anti-cellulite diet can be up to twice per week with no time limit in order to maintain treatment and prevent cellulite is installed.

For breakfast

- Green tea or infusion.
- 1 low-fat yogurt.
- 1 tablespoon wheat germ.
For lunch

- 1 celery carrot smoothie and apple.
- 1 green salad, cucumber and tomato.
- Pumpkin Souffle.


- A grapefruit juice.
- A serving of cereal.

For dinner

- 1 serving of fish with parsley and garlic, accompanied by a serving of vegetables in season.

Before going to bed

- 1 grapefruit juice.

For best results, drink two liters of water a day and do some kind of regular exercise to help burn fat, detoxify the body and oxygenate the body.

In the next articles, we will include other diets that can be combined, and more anti-cellulite exercises.

Enhance the natural color of your eyes

Apply to eye shadow, always used opposite or complementary colors to the color of your eyes. It is the best way to enhance the color.

Home Remedy for Red Marks on Face

Everything you see red on your face can hide under a spell which pull tone yellow.

Red marks on his face

Increase the duration of the perfume.

Make Perfume Scents Last Longer

Oily skin retain more of the perfume dry skin. So if you apply a thin layer of Vaseline on the skin before the perfume will keep its scent for longer.

Natural Remedies for Sunburn

If you burned and not handy after sun product, apply white vinegar gently on the affected area and you'll notice immediate relief.

Self Tanning

Order to erase any blemishes is important to exfoliate before extending the skin to remove dead cells, especially in knees and elbows.

We must begin to implement by the foot for not withdrawing from him to crouch and try not to leave clumps in body folds.

Remember that after application of hand washing to avoid orange palms stay.