For Students - Proper Time Management

Time management for students can be effective if priorities are set properly. Most of the times, these priorities can be based on the difficulty of the subject, a certain deadline of projects, or what to study first before an exam. Here is the list which might help you.

1. Make use of to-do list so you will be aware of everything you have to accomplish.

2. Set priorities, like on which subject you will have to study first. If you think that History subject will take most of your time, make sure to study it everyday so information load will lessen until the day of your exam.

3. Consider critical subjects and pay attention to it. Double your efforts in studying the subject.

4. Since you are a student, it is obvious that priority is studying and not attending to night life events. However, attend if you think you’re done with your goal and if you think you need a break. But learning to say no in some instances will help.

Natural Dieting - Simple Rules

Here are some simple and basic rules for natural dieting that will help you to lose weight, get in shape, and feel better.
  • Daily Exercises: No need to stay at gym everyday, just some simple exercising each day. 
  •  Less Fast Food: I'm sure you already know this, but fast food is bad for us. Basically It's a poison. Try to eat fast food only once a week, and if you do, order a water with it instead of a soda. 
  • Absolutely no soda: Nothing beneficial and tons of sugar and calories. Water is what your body craves and what it needs. Drink water. 
  • Reduce Coffee Intake: Regular coffee does you no good. Try not to have more than one cup a day, and definatly don't drink any fraps or similiar fancy drinks, they have a gross amount of calories in them.