Why should you drink water every morning on an empty stomach!

Sure, when we drink enough water every day enjoy many advantages. But when we drink water every morning on an empty stomach then reinforce positive effects of water in our bodies for a variety of reasons:
  1. Cleanses the colon making it easier absorption of the ingredients by our body. 
  2. Increasing the production of new cells in the blood and muscles 
  3. It helps in weight reduction. 1.5 Drinking water glass in the morning, rising ometavolismos us by 24%
  4. Water helps remove toxins from the blood so that we have clean and glowing skin. 
  5. Contribute to the balance of the lymphatic system. The glands of the system help to better carry your everyday functions and better flow of fluids in the body and finally fight infection. 

For best results would be in the morning and add a little freshly squeezed lemon. lot and put 2-3 drops of olive oil. Something did our grandmothers old.

Wants to lose weight easily? Use Spices

If someone wants to lose weight easily should give importance to good lymphatic function. What does this mean? To enable the body to expel toxins-byproducts of metabolism that can accumulate, reducing annoying impoundments in liquids and beyond. A food that can be charged and to prevent this valuable function is salt. Restricting salt, reduce and facilitate impoundments losing kilos. An easy, tasty and healthy way to achieve it is the spices. adding to food instead of salt, keep taste and the body and offer the opportunity to make the best natural detoxification. Meanwhile, the most hot spices like chilli , pepper etc. amplify a small percentage of the thermogennesi, ie heat production by the body, thus burning more calories.