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Some women who serve as examples of elegance to the others are Jackie Onassis, Grace Kelly, or even Gwyneth Paltrow. All have in common which distinguishes them: their own style and not transferable, they are not slaves to trends, but use them to give new touches to their classic and personal style.

What is the key then to have style?

The key to developing a simple, while elegant, is to buy garments that are basic and decisive, and make use of the many combinations that they let you. With these key pieces in your closet are what you never will say you don’t find nothing to wear.

These are the garments that actually worth spending the necessary money, of course adjusted your budget.

They also have the added advantage of reducing the time deciding what to wear or what to put in your suitcase when you travel …
Decisive and basic garments can not be missed to build your wardrobe

In detail the following points which are the essential core of the wardrobe and how best effectiveness:

1. Super basic Lingerie that suits you.

First make sure you know well the size of your bra, many women wear bras that do not fit them. The right bra size will make that you clothes that you wear looks better, you will feel more comfortable and you will not have to spend the whole day adjusting it.

Tip: The underwear has to be comfortable and cotton or cotton blend. Buy underwear that is elastic, that moves with your movements and not noticeable under clothing.

2. Dress in style, the basic standard for all seasons.

Every woman needs a suit.

The black is the best option, but if you want to look a little more relaxed, try a beige or dark green or a color you like and which is not very appealing to not go out of fashion quickly

Tip: The suit, especially a black, brown or neutral color, you buy it together with a skirt for the costume, there are many costumes that skirt or trousers, the ideal is to buy both so that allows you more options.

Take advantage of your suit jacket

* You can wear the suit pants with dress shirt for a stylish look.
* You can wear the suit with the skirt and dress shirt for a feminine look.
* You can combine the pants with a sweater or shirt with suspenders.
* Or combine the jacket with jeans during the weekend.
* You can wear the skirt with a sexy blouse for a night out to dinner.

3. The essential little black dress

In your closet is essential to have hung a “little black dress” (the diminutive what makes you, depending on how you feel most comfortable).

Tip: It is better to buy a classic cut dress, trying not to be too revealing, so you can always dress for any occasion.
Take advantage of your black dress

* You can wear with heels to leave at night
* Also you can combine with a high heel sandal and engominarte hair for a sexy and glamorous look.

* You can combine it with a cardigan and flat shoes for use during the day.4. A must for all seasons: the cowboy.

It is rare to find a woman today who does not have a pair of jeans in her closet.

The difficulty lies in choosing the most appropriate jeans for you from the huge variety available.

Tip: Visit the best possible shopping and try on the jeans as it takes until you find the one you favor. It is important to be somewhat elastic so that suit your figure and be more comfortable to wear. So that you make a more slender and elegant figure ensures that the material is rather dark.

Do not be afraid of the mirror, look good from every possible angle. Sit down, bend, move until you are sure they are comfortable. Finally, do not forget that the length of the trousers should be tailored to the height of the shoe you’re going to wear.

Get the most out of your jeans

* You can wear a suit jacket and shirt for a casual look.
* You can use it with some sports and a sweater for a casual and comfortable look.
* You can use it with heels and a jeweled top for going out at night and look great.
* You can combine with a dress shirt.

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